- One Logo
- One Submark
- Color Palette (6 colors)
- Three Font Choices
- Business Card Design
- Website Application to Show.It or Squarespace that includes the following: Home, About, Services, Contact

- Canva templates
- Additional Web Pages
- Designed collateral (Stickers, merch, etc.)
- Email template customization

for travel advisors

Hey travel advisors we developed a package just for you! At Team Moxie, we understand your business inside out. (Because we have already worked with some pretty cool advisors over the past year.) We're all about custom branding and strategic web design to bring your vision to life.

And here's the cool part: we're big on empowerment. We'll guide you through managing your site so you can update photos, colors, or text anytime you want.

Let's partner up and elevate your brand together!


Starting at $2500

or $625 a month for 4 months


"I started this business about a year ago and had a really hard time with marketing because I didn't have any guidelines in place to maintain consistency. I was all over the place and spending far too much time figuring out fonts and colors in all aspects of my marketing. After working with Moxie Gal Marketing, I now have a professional looking brand and a website I feel confident about. Marketing has become so much easier now that I have my brand book to keep everything consistent. Not only that, but it was awesome seeing my vision come to life!"

Emily  O'Gorman
Fora Advisor

I've now established a presence in the travel industry. Moxie Gal brought my brand to life on screen, and it's amazing to see this kind of recognition. My next step is mastering Instagram!

Baylee Markward
Departure Lounge Advisor

Brand Book Delivered

Free Consultation

Implementation & Site Launch





This Ain't Goodbye

First things first we jump on a call to discuss your business needs + how we can help you reach your goals. 

We work closely with you to develop a brand that you absolutely LOVE. This includes all brand assets, brand collateral + social media templates.

Next, we apply your brand to your website. If you need additional help with email copy or content photography, we have great referrals for you!

We always tell clients we aren't going away unless you want us too. We offer social media + marketing services from 3 - 6 months to really get your new brand off the ground.


explore some of our past travel advisors

"why should I do this?"


Professional Image: A strong brand and professional website enhance credibility, making potential clients more likely to trust and choose your services. You can also charge more money if you look as credible as we know you are.

Client Engagement: A website serves as a central hub where clients can learn about your services, read testimonials, and get inspired by your travel content, increasing engagement and interest.

Competitive Edge: In a crowded market, a distinctive brand and website set you apart from competitors, showcasing your unique value and expertise.

Streamlined Operations: A website can offer features like online booking, FAQs, and contact forms, streamlining your operations and enhancing client convenience.

Brand Consistency: Consistent branding across your website and other marketing materials reinforces your identity and helps build a loyal client base.

If you have already scrolled this far, this a sign to just GO FOR IT!